Review: Magformers, Intelligent Magnetic Construction

magformers1 Once in a while a really worthwhile toy comes along, the sort of toy that you wish you had thought of yourself and the sort of thing which every child should have in their toy box. Magformers is this toy, its a brilliant construction set which works on so many different levels; teaching scientific concepts and encouraging creativity.


Magformers’ toys have been very popular globally for many years, being particularly big in the US and South Korea and this year they’ve just started selling their sets in the UK.  I’m so pleased about this as I genuinely think they are a brilliant addition to the sorts of construction toys you can get. I’ve always worried about my children playing with magnets as existing toys have been fairly easy to swallow. Magformers are large shapes and the magnets are well sealed inside each unit which makes them much safer and which is why I’ve welcomed them into my home.


The sets are composed of different  magnetic shapes  which allow children to naturally understand the underlying geometry of 2D shapes and 3D figures. Through play with these shapes children  develop their mathematics and creativity while building whatever they can imagine.


All of my children absolutely love this construction set, the 3 year old is noticeably using it to build very simple shapes and explore magnetics, the older children ) 6 and 8) are  exploring all the different things you can build and following the handy instruction cards. This is a totally brilliant construction toy because its accessible and enjoyable for such a wide range of ages, it encourages and develops creativity and they seem to learn. I’m definitely going to be adding to our supplies of Magformers this Christmas and if you’re on the lookout for something new for your kids or as a gift then this is certainly something worth considering.

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Disclaimer: We were sent the WOW set and haven’t stopped playing with it ever since!


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