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suburban streetIt’s crunch time in our household where we need to decide whether we are going to stay in our current house for the foreseeable future or whether we should move. We’ve had loads of discussions about this; we like our our house, its lovely and big and light. However, the local secondary school, although good is not really all that ideal for our eldest. It would also be lovely to live a bit nearer to our family, not least because they would be able to help me a bit more with the challenges of bringing up three children.

So, its been a few weeks of constantly being on the telephone to estate agents. We’ve been puzzling over areas and its difficult to decide what to the do for the best as every area has its positive points and negative points.

I’ve also had to look again into our finances as we might need a new mortgage as our financial situation has changed significantly and i’m not entirely convinced we would be able to transfer our old one. One thing which has been quite handy is to look at the mortgage calculators of various banks. This can give you wildly different results but it can give you a rough idea of what sort of properties you can afford and whether its actually worth moving. The TSB Mortgage Calculator is very easy to use and will tell you what your monthly repayments are.

In terms of houses ideally I’d like to aim for a slightly more historic house than the 1960’s box we currently live in. It would be nice to have some character. I even found an affordable 16th century cottage with enough bedrooms and an annex only to realise that it was so dilapidated that with its Grade II listing we wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Alternatively something ultra modern and easy to clean would also be appealing, i’m forever cleaning! In our budget these tend to be townhouses and i’m not convinced with my noisy little gang that these would be the best idea for anyone really, so it remains to be seen.

One thing which has stymied us a little at the moment is the fact that houses are selling so quickly that the estate agents are having open days where the houses usually sell immediately. We are so busy with 3 kids and various commitments that we often cant get to these days so we keep missing out! My top tip would be to completely clear your diary for a good few months if you want to secure the best houses.

In terms of internal features there are two things which would revolutionise my life so I’ve put them on my wish list: a table in the kitchen and an en-suite (otherwise i’m not going to be able to use the bathroom in years to come). However, i’m being pragmatic in order to move near a good school we are going to have to sacrifice quite a lot in terms of space and facilities so I’m not holding out much hope of achieving my wish list.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, would you move house for a great school? What things are on your wish list for a new house? Would you like to buy my house or sell me yours?



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