Playmobil Super 4 and your chance to hunt for the world’s most expensive Super 4 figures

Ned with his favourite-Ruby

Ned with his favourite-Ruby

We absolutely love being Playmobil Playologists as it means we get to play with all the toys and find out the news before everyone. Its very, very exciting especially if like me you’ve lusted after Playmobil since you were a child, I mean, thats at least 35 years of lust in my case and my heart still soars whenever my children get a delivery.

This weekend we were really lucky to be invited along to try out the new Super 4 treasure hunt trails which tie in with the launch of new Super 4 toys. If your kids like Playmobil they will be very familiar with the Super 4 show in Citv, my kids love it. Basically the show is set on a planet divided between five island nations each different to the other. Each island has its own specialities; a sci-fi setting, a magical forest, a castle, a pirate hideout and a lost world. Each of the islands has its own lead character (your child will have a favourite!) and the toys and television show are based around these.


Gene with his Techno Chameleon

treasure huntFor the treasure hunt Playmobil have devised 4 different trails around London; Ruby’s telescope Trouble, Gene and Seven Dials, Alex and the Cave Quest and Twinkle and the Four Squares. Over October Half Term and right up to Christmas everyone can join in the treasure hunt to try to find gold Playmobil figures and crack the code. One golden figure will be placed on each trial on different days between 19th October and 6th December 2015, so it really is pot luck! If you aren’t lucky enough to find the gold figures every child has the chance to win a new Super 4 toy set and claim a special reward. The first four completed puzzles to be submitted on each day in October half term will receive a Super 4 toy set and everyone will receive exclusive super 4 collectible stickers in return for a completed puzzle sheet. These rewards can be collected in Hamleys on Regent Street.

super42If you’d like to have a go you can download the free adventure trails at the Super 4 website.

We followed Ruby’s telescope Trouble which took us around Trafalgar Square and along The Mall. It was brilliant fun and I have to say it was great to just stand and look and try to spot things in a part of London which we are all usually rushing through. The trick was to really look at the map and take note of the direction the arrows are pointing. Fifi was the best clue spotter and really thrived with the challenge.

The Super 4 Treasure Trails are a fantastic idea to help you get the kids out and about this half term. We had a great time and best of all its free. If you live near London they are well worth doing.

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