Featured Post: 5 Ways to Get Back Into Work After Having Children

Me using a bow drill to explain to children how to make fire. One of the many things I do in my current work!

Me using a bow drill to explain to children how to make fire. One of the many things I do in my current work!

One of the things which this blog records really well is the roller coaster ride I’ve been on since I had children in terms of my employment. One of the very best reasons for returning to work after you’ve had your baby is that it enables you to regain a little bit of the person that you used to be. However, this does come with a lot of worries, not least the problem of child care which has always been my difficulty in terms of cost and finding suitable provision.
Here are five suggestions of options to consider.

  1. Part time working

If you have good communication skills and want to work part time rather than full time then working in a call centre might be a useful option. For those who live in the North West, there are many call centre jobs that service a wide variety of companies. You could even work from home where you’ll still receive online training and be able to work the hours that will suit your schedule.

I currently work part time on a very flexible basis teaching children. This has proved a really great way to work around the demands of the children.

  1. Get specialist advice from a Career Coach

Some professional women find it difficult to return to work if they have had a longer break than their regular maternity leave. Many of these women end up taking low paid part time work simply to make ends meet, regardless of the fact that they are hugely over qualified for these roles.

A recent article in The Guardian highlighted this aspect of women’s employment and suggested that there is a whole ‘hidden pool of talent’ of women who haven’t the time or the luxury to find a commensurate job with their qualifications and have to take the first job that they can. A career coach can help to overcome this situation working from their experience on how to make the best of your CV and also help to improve your confidence which can take a knock after child birth.

  1. Work from home

If you have the skills, are well organised, you could try and work from home. This option isn’t right for everyone, but if you are a secretary, a lawyer or an accountant you can carry out these roles as easily at home as in a corporate environment. You could even start a new career and explore other options that would allow you to remain at home with your child and still earn an income. One of the things which has kept our heads above water throughout the 8 years we have been parents has been writing this blog which has provided us with lots of experiences and products we would not have been able to afford otherwise.

  1. Consider a new career

Increasing numbers of women use their maternity leave to make plans for a new career. You could even put your parenting skills to good use and add these to your CV. To access more ideas about re-writing your CV click here for more advice.

  1. Update your skills

One of the things which I’ve always tried to do is to maintain and update my skills whilst i’ve been at home. This way you can make sure that your skills are up to date. Have a look at your local adult education options or go online. Courses come in different sizes and suit different budgets, so don’t go on the first course that you think might suit you, shop around. Also make sure that the qualifications that you’ll receive are nationally recognised. You can spend time with your baby and plan your new life in a new career once both you and the baby are ready.

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