Tesco 60 Minute Roast Dinner Challenge

roast chicken dinner

The finished dinner

Now the clocks have changed you can’t pretend any longer, its the time of year to snuggle up warm and indulge in some lovely comforting food. The traditional sunday roast is one of the UK’s most favourite meals and Tesco have teamed up with a selection of chefs and foodies including Nadia Sawalha to share their best tips.

I’m not known for my awesome cooking ability, although to be honest the most popular posts on this blog are the cooking ones where i’ve shared my recipes. However, Tesco asked me to take part in their ’60-Minute Roast Challenge’  and tasked me with creating a delicious traditional Sunday roast in under an hour. They allowed me to choose from their Roast Dinner Ideas recipe page, a rather handy resource if I say so myself!

in the oven...

in the oven…

I opted for the roast chicken with lemon, thyme and garlic and as it actually takes an hour and a half to cook i’m counting the prep time as my 60 minute challenge! My roast chicken was served up with butter roasted potatoes, yorkshire puddings (with added powdered chicken stock – a tip they tweeted), green beans, carrots and traditional gravy. It was eaten within about 5 minutes flat by everyone, which has to be a record, even for this house.

Making the Yorkshires, add a bit of powdered stock to this to ramp up the flavour

Making the Yorkshires, add a bit of powdered stock to this to ramp up the flavour

I’ll be honest here, time wise this was exceptionally quick and simple to prepare. I often cook a roast dinner on a school night because I like the simplicity of it and the fact you can just pop it in the oven and it looks after itself. In all it took me under 15 minutes to prepare and then about 5 minutes to dish out so it was well within the 60 minutes. I probably could have cooked the whole thing in under 60 minutes if I’d part cooked the chicken in the microwave and crisped it off in the oven, but frankly thats more of a fiddle. The kids and my husband loved their dinner, they like these fairly simple meals and that makes for a lot less stress in my life.

You really cant beat a good roast and Tesco have some brilliant ideas to help you ramp up your roasts over on their site. I hope i’ve started your tummy rumbling.

Disclaimer: We were sent the ingredients and tools to cook our roast, but the challenge was entirely down to me.

Tesco is helping the great British public to make the most of family time at home with recipes and tips for creating the perfect Sunday roast. For more tasty Sunday roast recipes and top tips visit realfood.tesco.com


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