Review: Lechuza Cubico Premium 22 Planter a video review

We love a bit of gardening in this house and I have spent a long time doing various things with the children so they become competent gardeners. Thats not to say that I am myself, its just that I think its a really important life skill and they should know the basics. Last year Lechuza sent us over some of their planters for a bit of Spring planting. Most recently we were sent a lovely planter and an Amyrillis bulb. Now, as you’ll see I’m new to planting Amyrillis but it did provide a nice little bonding experience for me and the boy.

In terms of the planter, as expected its top quality, very easy to put together and stylish. If you’d like to find out more about their self watering planters (very handy for the busy mum) or get hold of one yourself you can find out more here.

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