Review: Playmobil Advent Calendars- Fire Rescue Operation with Card Game

playmobil1Lets face it, the 21st Century child is not satisfied with opening a small cardboard door and finding a small picture of a robin. They want more and who could blame them, I’d like an advent calendar filled with my favourite things each day. For the past few years we have eschewed sugary advent calendars and gone for Playmobil Advent Calendars. You can find out what we thought here.

This year as Playologists we were sent The Fire Rescue Operation Calendar this year and I’ve had a little sneaky look at it. For longevity of play this is clearly one of the best advent calendars Playmobil have produced as rather than get a Christmas themed toy the kids end up with something that will appeal to them all year around. If your children are anything like mine, you’ll also find that this set will fit in nicely with their other sets and make a great addition to your Playmobil collection.

playmobilOne of the things which can put you off buying these sorts of advent calendars is the price and I can completely understand that. However, I do think, from looking at this calendar and the previous ones we have had that they do in fact represent excellent value for money. This is something which they can enjoy every day over a long period of time and I buy my other children them instead of those additional little stocking fillers which they discard almost immediately.

playmobil2Now, I didn’t want to spoil my children’s Christmas by opening up and doing advent a month too early, so we’ve saved our surprises. However, from experience I can tell you that the sizes of the doors is a great indication about what is inside and so you might want to work out a fair system of sharing the days if you are sharing the calendar.

Last year we got set 5494 which is the one with Santa’s sleigh and I can honestly say it was wonderful and made a lovely seasonal centrepiece on our mantlepiece. I’m planning on getting it out again this year. The reindeer is fabulous in this set and there was a lot of play value in it and the sleigh.

If you want to treat your little Playmobil fans to an advent calendar, then you’ll find the whole range here.

Disclaimer: I’m a Playmobil Playologist, we love Playmobil and i’m delighted to highlight their best products for you!



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