Toy Review: Mattel Toy Story Bull Ridin Woody

Woody Toy StoryAny little toy story fans out there will be pleased to get their hands on this toy. Woody can talk, wave his lasso and hat about and generally entertain the little ones with his antics. I came into the room when they were playing with it to find the three year old in hysterics as he clearly finds Woody rather amusing.

In terms of build quality this is a solid toy, Woody himself has been dragged about on lots of adventures with us over the past couple of weeks and looks good as new which is a feat in itself. To be honest I think this is where the value is in the toy because the Bull doesn’t really do a lot other than provide a stand for the doll to sit on once the children have lost interest in the actual bull riding feature.

We loved the size of Woody, but its a real shame his legs don’t bend and he isn’t more of an action figure for the price as I think long term thats where his value would be for my kids at least.

Woody Toy StoryOverall this is an appealing toy for Toy Story fans as will look good in the bedroom in a display. It has lots of entertaining features but whether they have longevity in play i’m not so sure. The three year old loves it, the eight year old (former massive Toy Story fan) is not so impressed. Its robust and well made, but perhaps a little bit pricey. Mixed feelings i’m afraid on this one!


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