Featured Post: Enjoying Some Christmas Traditions

xmasI’m trying really hard to get some proper Christmas traditions happening in our household. Over the past couple of years I’ve started getting new PJ’s for Christmas Eve and we try to relax and spend some quality time together as a family.

We all decorate the tree as a team and each year the children make a new decoration for the tree, this is proving a lovely tradition and one which we can look back on each year.

The main traditions for us revolve around Christmas Day. The children get some of their toys and gifts in pillowcases at the end of their bed, delivered by Santa and the big gifts are under the tree. Its lovely to see them all opening presents in a ‘prenzy’. For me this is the most important moment and I have to say the culmination of a fair amount of stress, as there is nothing I hate more than wrapping gifts. Still, it really is worth it in the end!

xmas3Finally the big thing for us is our Christmas Turkey, we like to cook it on Christmas morning so you get that lovely Christmassy turkey smell throughout the house. For the vegetarians we will also do a nut roast, so all bases covered! We’ ll sit down to our turkey with our family traditional additions of Yorkshire puddings (these are demanded by everyone).

Interestingly having a Turkey at Christmas isn’t quite as modern as you would imagine, Henry VIII first had one and it became fashionable after the time of Edward VII. In 1930 you would have had to pay a weeks wages for a Turkey, imagine that! How times have changed and I cant help thinking that people might appreciate it a bit more if it was still that expensive.xmas2

One of the things which is quite tricky when buying turkey is knowing what to actually buy. As a rough guide I tend to buy the best quality one I can, if its organic then even better. I’d much rather have a smaller amount of more flavoursome meat than a lot of mediocre. My mother in law swears by a turkey crown, i’ve not ventured down that route yet, mainly because my boys enjoy the legs. If you’d like to find out a bit more then do check out this handy Christmas Turkey guide.

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