Featured Post: Its a Pug’s Christmas!

Pug and his best friend

Pug and his best friend

As someone who has incredibly bad eyesight I can always relate to people and animals that cant really see very well. I did wonder about our chickens ability to see clearly as they were always walking into the washing line, however, I think this is a chicken ‘thing’. My friend has an exceptionally tame chicken who is often used for childrens activities (yes, that tame!) and that particular chicken is seriously visually challenged. Its amusing and sad at the same time.

Fortunately for us, Jonny cat doesn’t seems to have any eyesight problems at the moment, although he is incredibly accident prone. He came home the other day without a claw which was quite traumatic. Goodness knows what will happen to the Christmas tree now he is no longer a kitten and actually a rather large tom cat. I’m not hopeful about its survival.

Vision Direct have just released their first Christmas campaign which features an adorable little Pug who just keeps breaking his glasses. Clearly the pug is a metaphor, but I have to say this advert wins hands down for the most amusing Christmas advert. It actually made us all laugh out loud here and is a perfect balance of humour and Christmas advertising solving what is a genuine problem for us glasses wearers over Christmas!

Have a look at the video here:

In all seriousness, it really is an issue if your glasses break or your contacts break or run out over Christmas. I’ve learnt this first hand when I’ve had to wander about with my sunglasses on as the opticians haven’t been able to sort out some new glasses quickly enough. Vision Direct can offer a solution as they can get contact lenses to you next day to UK addresses. In fact, their current slogan is:  “Contact lenses delivered in time for Christmas”

When you have children, you  realise just how important your eyesight is, its really important to have regular eye tests and to try to think about what you might do should your glasses break. You don’t want to fall into a frozen pond like our little Pug, and you really want to see your little ones opening their Christmas presents clearly. Thats why I chose to feature this campaign, its a really handy to know where you can go to sort yourself out quickly should you need to get hold of some contacts quickly and I for one will be bookmarking their site. You can find all the information here at Pug’s Christmas microsite where you’ll also find a great competition to win some Amazon vouchers which would be handy for Christmas!

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