Our Netflix Christmas Viewing #StreamTeam

Over the past six months I’ve fallen more in love with Netflix than I was before. Thats mainly because i’ve been doing such a lot of crafting and so I’ve been watching whilst knitting. Its been fantastic I’ve watched the entire House of Cards, Jessica Jones, Breaking Bad, The Tudors, Marco Polo and Sense 8. The problem is though, I’ve not blogged any of this because i’ve been watching and knitting and quilting and I’ve run out of time. My bad, this Christmas I have a bit of time, so I will put aside the knitting (there are only so many scarves and jumpers a girl needs) and write you a few reviews!

Anyway, my daytime television viewing is a bit curtailed at the moment because the children have taken it over and have grand plans. I asked them to draw up a list of their viewing plans for the holiday  and for your delight (and perhaps to help when your children ‘cant find anything to watch’ their lists are here:

Netflix list

The six year old’s Christmas Netflix viewing list

eight year olds christmas viewing

The 8 year olds Christmas Netflix viewing










I think there is a danger that the children could spend the entire holiday watching television at this rate. However, I do think they need a good rest from last term when they worked really hard. I do have plans though, they’ll be taking up the crafting and television viewing role on our sofa as I’m determined to get them knitting and sewing little bookmarks whilst they watch.

The 8 year old is keen to write some reviews of his viewing so I’ll post them up here with links to his blog as soon as they are live.

Netflix has been great this year, I’m not a big television viewer but I’ve really enjoyed all the things which I have watched.  I for one will be proudly modelling my Netflix socks this Christmas Day, the kids wont take theirs off!


I’m currently thinking about what to make and also what to watch in 2016 and I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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