Featured Post: Scooter Tips and Tricks

There is absolutely nothing which my children enjoy doing more than getting out and about on their scooters. They go everywhere on them, from school through to trips in London. Scooters are ideal for those times when its a bit far for them to walk, not really suitable for the car but they are too old for pushchairs. I was really excited to receive this fantastic scooter tips and tricks guide from Halfords it really is quite useful in helping to teach the kids some super cool tricks.

Fifi my little girl has got really quite excited about this as she enjoys doing bunny hops on the way to school but hasn’t mastered some of the others. I know what we are going to be doing this Christmas!

Also don’t forget to check out the safety tips, all my children wear helmets with their scooters and they will be wearing the relevant knee and elbow pads when trying these tricks. Be safe!

Note: This is a featured post but I think these are FANTASTIC!







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