Toy Review: Sing Along Elsa

elsa1If you want to make your own little Elsa scream with delight then this doll is the thing for you! My little niece, Bean is 5, Bean loves singing, Bean loves Frozen. This was on her Christmas list but her mummy couldn’t face it. However, Bean’s naughty auntie (me) was offered it for free in exchange for a review and I must say I was overjoyed for her.

Little Bean was immediately thrilled and she sang, very loudly for about an hour. Let it go rang out over and over. A neighbour came round to watch – yes it was that loud! Bean was in her element, and quite honestly I didn’t think it would end, she just wasn’t  bored of Elsa unlike lots of toys!

elsa2Sing Along Elsa comes with a microphone which sparkled in the light and Elsa lights up. Once the singing has finished the doll says supportive words of encouragement. I must admit, even a doting auntie can get a bit bored and when I had a slight moan after an hour about Elsa’s limited repertoire little Bean just replied ‘but this is the best’ then went back to singing ‘Let it Go’. As someone who sings this song in her head on the school run, I must admit I do know what she means.

In terms of what happens, basically you sing a line then point the microphone at doll Elsa and Elsa songs the next line, it’s very clever and the doll gets it right every time. Like modern witchcraft, or something. I haven’t allowed the husband near it in case he tricks it with comedy puns unsuitable for small children, but I guess this could be a fun adult game after the kids have gone to bed this Christmas.

From a musical perspective, I like the way it makes the child think about the rhythm and beat of the music and try to sing karaoke style, in time to the tune. It does take some perseverance and patience on the child’s part but after the 9th or 10th time in the space of half an hour they pick it up remarkably quickly…

elsa3So if you have £40 and a relative (maybe one that’s hard of hearing- lets face it children aren’t that tuneful) that’s happy to sit and watch the ‘performance’ this Christmas then this is the ideal toy. Joking aside its great value for money, we really did have a lot of fun with it. No Frozen fan could ever be disappointed and as an aside when the batteries run out (mummy takes them out) there is still a doll and a microphone to play with.

You’ll find Sing Along Elsa in all the major toy shops, I suggest you grab one for your little Frozen fan as soon as possible as i’m 100% sure this is going to sell out this Christmas!

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