Featured Post: 5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

wedding-300x225Before we had children the thing which took up the most time in our lives was planning our wedding. Weddings are pretty pricey, and if you decide like us to pay for the majority of it yourself its a great idea to think about ways to save a little bit of cash. That way, you’ll start married life in a good financial situation. Here are five easy ways to save some cash on your wedding day.


  1. DIY

We found that the easiest way to save a lot of cash was to do it yourself. The first thing to attempt yourself are the invitations. Its easy enough to buy some blank cards and you can make your own stencils or even sew on some ribbons to create a unique design. If you’ve got the ‘make your own’ bug then why not also have a go at creating your own with your table décor? Here are some great ideas to try.

  1. Plan a date in off peak season

The summer months are by far the most popular for weddings, so if you book a date earlier in the year or in the autumn you could save yourself thousands of pounds.
You could also consider avoiding planning your wedding for a Saturday. If you send out your invitations well in advance, people should have plenty of time to take a day off work to attend your wedding on a Friday or even a Thursday and you can save lots of money at the same time.

  1. Opt for more greenery in your flowers

weddingflowers-300x225If you don’t feel that you can manage to make your own floral arrangements- although to do something basic might be easier than you think. Consider carefully the flowers you choose, some flowers will definitely cost more than others, such as peonies, which apparently can cost five times more than roses. If you choose to feature more greenery in your arrangements  you’ll soon see the cost come down, but you can still enjoy large, lush blooms to carry down the aisle or adorn the tables with.

  1. Get your friends to provide transport

One of the things we did which saved loads of money was to ask our friend (who had the nicest car) to drive me to the wedding and to the reception. This was fantastic as it saved us loads of money and it also meant that others could get involved.


  1. Cut your guest list 

This one isn’t necessarily easy, but the concept is simple. Guest lists can quickly get out of hand and obviously the more guests at your event the more money you will need to spend feeding and accommodating them. It’s never easy to cut your guest list, but wedding site The Knot recommends splitting your list into A and B categories. The A category consists of people who are an absolute must have for your big day, while B is all those remaining. Next you need to ask yourself about the people in the B category and consider how close you are, whether you will see them again after the big day and if you really need to have them there at all.

Another option is to invite everyone to the wedding and have some drinks and cakes with all, then take a few people out for the wedding meal. We chose to do that and it saved thousands of pounds whilst accommodating everyone!

Saving money on your big day can be simple, it just requires some smart thinking and perhaps some ruthlessness on your part!

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