Book Review: Dylan’s Amazing Dinosaurs by E.T. Harper and Dan Taylor

29th January 2016 No Comments

dylansYou can’t go wrong with a dinosaur picture book, it appeals to both boys and girls (and their mums). This is the fourth book in the Dylan’s Amazing Dinosaurs series aimed at 3 + years old. These are fantastic books and include a pop up dinosaur, which I have to say, adds to the experience. In fact, my children had to fight me for it as they are really nice.

The author E. T. Harper is a real life palaeontologist and I think you can tell this from the way that the books are written. There is clear knowledge about each of the dinosaurs and the use of slightly tricky words such as ‘predator’ which invite discussion but are clearly not usually found in picture books.

This is a really exciting and engaging story which can take you off on lots of tangents with your child and so has some added value. Dan Taylor’s illustrations are fantastic and bring the story alive with the perfect colour pallet and engagingly animated illustrations.

You’ll enjoy reading this to your child and I guarantee that there is lots of added value from acting out scenes with the dinosaur to imagining being Dylan having further adventures. A must read for any little dinosaur fan.

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