Featured Post: Winter garden projects for you and the kids

gardeningGardening is one of our favourite activities here in the being a mummy household, even if we aren’t very good at it! There’s nothing better than getting outside with the children during the Winter.  Despite all the rain at the moment, generally each winter you get the odd dry and sunny day, so if the weather is favourable (or if you are hardy and don’t mind a bit of rain) here are several winter garden projects to enjoy with

Tidy up the garden

This is actually one of my children’s favourite jobs. Its a really easy task for even the smallest toddler and produces almost instant results. I really enjoy doing this with the children

A dry afternoon is the perfect time to gather your little ones, pull on their wellies and head out for a spot of pruning, sweeping and raking. Kids will love snipping back the straggly bits from evergreens bought from the likes of Ashridge nurseries and youngsters can help pick up stray leaves and pop them into bags. Be prepared with a plastic set of gardening tools to help make hard work easier for children and you should be on for a productive activity.

Plant some winter vegetables
Planting your own food is one of the best ways to teach children about where their vegetables come from. If you were highly organised you might already have winter kale, Brussel sprouts and kale on the go, but if not don’t worry as onions, shallots, garlic, spring onions, spinach, broad bean, asparagus, peas, carrots, pak choi and a range of winter salads can still be grown in the colder months thanks to their ability to survive harsh weather.

You’ll find plenty of tips online on how to improve or start a vegetable patch during this chilly period and kids will surely love digging holes, planting bulbs/seeds and watching things grow as the weather starts to improve. When gardening, don’t forget to give clear instructions for your little ones to follow and try to give them as much educational information about what you are doing as possible to help facilitate the learning process.

Create a miniature garden
Sunny yet cold days can be spent outside creating miniature gardens. Tutorials are readily available, but all you really need is a shallow metal tray with holes in the bottom that can be easily filled with soil. You can then decorate your garden in any way you choose by planting small flowers in individual pots and popping them inside the tray or by creating paved areas using tiny stones. You might even decide to fill a little bowl with water to look like a pond and get hold of a toy frog which can live happily inside. We’ve had a lot of success with old children’s wellies, I cant think of a better way to recycle them.

Miniature garden accessories can be bought from garden centres and online sites like eBay, but it’s also fun to search through your children’s toy boxes to see what you can find – after all, a small plastic Peppa Pig figure or Lego model might enjoy spending the day digging around in soil with you.

Plant Some Spring Bulbs

There is still time to plant some bulbs for the Spring/ Summer. This is a fantastic thing to do with the kids and we enjoy it every year.

Winter is a great time for snuggling on the sofa with your children and watching movies however, at this time of year we all really need to do a bit of exercise and what better way to do it than improving the garden!

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