Blog Book Tour: I Am Bear by Ben Bailey Smith Illustrated by Sav Akyuz

18th February 2016 No Comments

iambearI don’t think the children have had a book which is meant to be read as a rap before. They’ve had plenty based on songs: What Did the Fox Say and Octopus’s Garden spring to mind, but a rap was new to us. What a fabulous idea and another way of making books seem more accessible. Our youngest, little Ned was delighted and very excited to read!

The hero of our story is Bear who gets up to all sorts of mischief whilst dressed in a large purple bear suit. It really is genius rhyming:

I am Bear.

Am I am bare.

The suit I wear has purple hair.

We loved it and it comes as no surprise that the author is otherwise known as brilliant actor, rapper and comedian Doc Brown. This is not at all child friendly but his appearance on Russell Howard was incredibly amusing and I’d urge you to have a look when the kids are out of earshot.

Of course, something like this requires bright colourful illustrations and Sav Akyuz has done a fantastic job in making this even more accessible to its pre-school audience capturing perfectly the personality of Bear.

If you’d like to hear the rap then you can watch an animated music video by the creators for the book here:

Now, if you’re anything like our household then you will find yourself singing and reciting this rap at every quiet moment. We’ve had loads of fun doing this and creating funny moments. Including little impromptu ‘sheddings’ of clothes and much hilarity.

For half term we’ve had a real treat with some doughnuts which are Bear’s favourites. Eddie thought it was hilarious to be Bear in the doughnut shop and ‘trick’ us all having enjoyed eating them.


Bear is basically all the cheeky and frankly lovely and endearing childhood moments of naughtiness all rolled into one.

Take a little look at the website for the book:

If you want a book with a bit of character and flair, one that appeals to your own little individuals, then this is perfect. The book grows on you even more each time you read it. I think i’m going to associate it with little Ned’s childhood forever!

You can find all the information about it here.

Over on Walker Book’s Picture Book Party blog there is a chance to win a fab goody bag including some doughnuts (Bear’s favourite), the book, a poster and some stickers. Make sure you check it out here.

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