Book Review: Jonny Jakes Investigates The Hamburgers of Doom by Malcolm Judge

jonny jakesMy 8 year old is a very reluctant reader and I find it incredibly difficult finding books that he wants to read. We can spend hours in the library or bookshop and come home with nothing as there ‘wasn’t anything he fancied’. However, the moment that Jonny Jakes appeared he wanted to start reading it. Who was I to stop him? Such interest is a rare thing in the world of reluctant readers. I honestly have no idea what appealed to him, perhaps it was simply that he could identify with Jonny Jake, he likes hamburgers and he fancied a bit of mild peril. Who knows.

According to the 8 year old, in this book the new headteacher is an alien who starts off well by handing out sweets and all you can eat hamburgers but it turns out he isn’t nice at all and he bans the school newspaper which Jonny Jakes reports for. This leads to Jonny doing an investigation to get to the bottom of it all.

This book is an easy, exciting read for 8 + (according to the 8 year old). It makes a great bedtime read and it was lovely to see my son reading away, clearly gripped by it.

If you’d like to look for yourself or find out more have a look here.

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