Book Review: Sleeping Handsome and the Princess Engineer Written by Kay Woodward and illustrated by Jo De Ruiter

1st February 2016 No Comments

sleeping handsomeThis is a modern day update of the Sleeping Beauty, featuring an empowered princess and a sleeping prince. I read this with my little girl who thought that it was marvellous and was chuckling away to herself. She loved the ending and thoroughly agreed with it, but I shan’t give too much away.

This book is from a series that I haven’t come across before: Fairy Tales Today. I think these are really useful books to read in the context and alongside the original versions as they help children to think about the stories in greater detail than they might. They also help a child to begin to understand the structure of stories by turning familiar ones on their heads. This is an impressive idea and I would hope that many schools would make use of these picture books when looking at fairy stories in KS1.


The story in this case was given humour and wit, which we both enjoyed when reading it and the illustrations were perfect. It’s a well presented picture book which lends itself perfectly to bedtime reading.

I have to admit this book came as a surprise to me. I’m a big fan of Curious Fox books as they tend to be thoughtful and unusual. However, I would not have picked out this story in the bookshop as a bedtime read. I’ve been well and truly proven wrong. You must head out and have a look at the Fairy Tales Today series, I’ve already been asked to order more of them!

Find out more and get hold of a copy here.

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