Book Review: SuperFairies- Dancer the Wild Pony by Janey Louise Jones

2nd February 2016 No Comments

superfairiesFifi loves ponies and fairies, that means she loves this sort of book and that means I love this sort of book. There is something special about finding a genre which you enjoy in literature and trying to read everything you can in that area. I remember doing this as a child and it’s lovely to see my daughter doing the same. The result has been a massive improvement in her literacy skills, so its all good.

Fifi loved this book and she’s written her own blog about it here. Looking through and having a read myself I can see why she likes it. The book has some lovely colourful illustrations scattered through. It is nicely presented and a ‘proper’ chapter book. However, its also quite thin which makes it a really manageable read which isn’t too daunting.

From the point of view of a book purchaser (sometimes its nice to own them rather than visit the library) this is a great buy, not least as its only £4.99. A bargain! Although in all honesty I’d pay twice that to see the amount of enjoyment and reading that Fifi gained from it.

You can get hold of a copy from Curious Fox books here. Its their book of the month at the moment.

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