Book Review: The Three Ninja Pigs by David Bedford and Becka Moor

8th February 2016 No Comments

the-three-ninja-pigs-9781471121920_lgThe Three Ninja Pigs is a brilliant fairytale mash-up for children who enjoy a bit of high energy, mild peril and amusement in their picture books. Ninja Pigs get into all sorts of scrapes and from experience they appeal to small boys in particular.

We seem to have had quite a few modern day takes on traditional fairy tales recently. Over the past 8 years i’ve come to realise that trends in children’s publishing are quite circular. From an adults perspective its quite interesting as there is an organic production of stories which means that quite fortuitously you can theme your children’s books and activities nicely and quite easily.

The Three Ninja Pigs is a genius idea and not one i’d have ever thought of, but so appealing to this audience. My four year old really enjoyed the story and I could see the seven year old’s brain ticking away as we read. Clearly she was inspired to think of some other takes on her favourite fairytale characters.

With its bright, colourful, energetic illustrations and the clever weaving of fairytales into the story The Three Ninja Pigs is a very amusing read for adults and children.

Find out more about the book here.

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