How to Create a Brilliant Nursery on a Budget

Image courtesy of Tesco

Image courtesy of Tesco

I find it hard to believe that I’ve been a parent now for nearly 9 years. That means that it was 9 years ago when I first started planning and decorating for our first nursery. In those days people were not quite so reliant on the Internet and so in order to get design ideas you had to trail around the appropriate shops, look through magazines or pinch ideas off your friends and family. We’ve come a long way since then and I’ve had three children so I’ve had to design three different nurseries!

There are a few things which I would recommend:

Washable Paint: Those lovely nursery wallpapers are very tempting indeed, however from experience your little darling will just find temptation in peeling them off the wall. We also had a rather unfortunate poo experience when changing a nappy in the early days and lets say we wouldn’t have had to repaint the wall had we purchased washable paint. For simplicity and longevity just use white paint, you can brighten the room with accessories such as paintings and curtains and change them cheaply and easily as your little one grows.

Wooden Floor: In an ideal world and if I was renovating again I’d stick with a simple wood floor and then pick a cheap rug which I’d change once or twice a year. We learnt early on that sudacrem does not come out of carpet!

Cots and Cotbeds?: This is a tricky one as I can really see the temptation of a cot, in fact we bought a cot. However, we ended up using a travel cot for the first year as the baby kept getting his arms stuck in the cot bars. We then moved onto a proper bed for a few years and then ended up buying a mid sleeper! If we had just bought a cotbed in the first place we would have saved ourselves an awful lot of money. Cotbeds all the way I say!

Changing Mats: Many people opt for a change mat which is fixed to a surface, this is to make it more convenient whilst changing the baby. However, once you’ve had a child you wont look at this option again. Buy a cheap plastic padded change mat which you can slide under the bed and change your baby on the floor on it. This is much safer for baby once they start moving about as they cant fall off it and also you’ll save loads of space.

Budget, Budget, Budget: Remember, most of the stuff you buy at the start will be redundant within a couple of years and even if you have another child you’ll have to find space to store it. Think really carefully about everything you buy and stick to the bare minimum. If a friend offers to give you their old stuff take it, I know its tempting to want new stuff for your new addition but I found they grew out of clothes before they even wore them and I just had loads of redundant things.

Decorate it for you!: The baby wont actually know or appreciate anything about the room but you will find yourself spending night and day in the nursery. Make sure you have a comfortable chair, you can live with the décor and that there is a little table or space for a mug and a book. Adequate lighting will make a huge difference to your life and you’ll really appreciate a lack of clutter.

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