Featured Post: How to keep your children entertained whilst on holiday

altomincioWhether (like us) you’re planning a staycation or booking one of the many 5 star family holidays available these days, it’s important to choose somewhere the kids will love too. With many resorts welcoming little ones with open arms, it shouldn’t be hard to find child-friendly accommodation, but if you’re worried about the youngsters getting bored or running riot – here’s how to keep them entertained.

  1. Opt for the best facilities you can afford

As a parent, you’ll know that children need constant stimulation, so look for a resort with plenty of high quality facilities that will keep little tots happy. While a swimming pool is sure to keep your aqua babies amused for many hours a day, wouldn’t it be great to have a park or indoor play area nearby too? What’s more, a fun, well-organised kid’s club can make holidaying with children a lot easier, giving them plenty to do whilst simultaneously offering you some much-deserved adult time – so keep an eye out for these additional highlights.


  1. Go on plenty of adventures

Gone are the days where you could spend hours laying on a sun lounger or sipping cocktails by the poolside bar. Kids will quickly get bored with such ‘grown-up’ activities, so try to incorporate as many excursions and adventures into your schedule as possible.

If you’re a family of intrepid explorers, cycling, roller blading, boating, trekking or horse riding might be to your taste, but if you’re more of a chill-by-the-beach kind of clan, then taking your buckets and spades to the nearest coastline could also do the trick. There are many wonderful beaches across the globe, so it’s definitely worth sussing out the most beautiful places to go.

Whatever activities you choose, be sure to involve your children as much as possible and take the time to play with them properly. Holidays can bring families closer together and impact positively on relationships, so it’s well worth making the most out of this unique experience and spending some quality time with one another.

  1. Check out the evening entertainment

No matter where you go in the world, you’ll probably find that most hotels have some kind of child-friendly entertainment in the evenings. This might be in the form of a comedian or magician, or it might be some kind of disco or show that the kids can join in with. Cabaret nights are extremely popular as are kid’s karaoke hours and some resorts even hold early evening cinema viewings for children to enjoy before it gets too late. Getting dressed up at night and soaking up the resort’s lively atmosphere is all part of the fun, so seize the moment and get involved.

  1. Play games

Sometimes, the weather can unexpectedly put a dampener on your outdoor fun and while there are many indoor attractions to enjoy in the UK, other countries (particularly those used to sun), might be lacking in rainy day ideas. So, if worse comes to worse and you end up trapped indoors, why not make the most of the situation by playing an array of games? A pack of cards can provide hours of amusement and if you want to prepare for such scenarios in advance, you could always throw a board game in your suitcase – just in case.

Keeping the children entertained on holiday is easier than you may think, and you’re sure to have lots of fun yourself!

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