Ramping up the work- a bit of Personal Training

Logo refinementI’m trying really hard to get fit and healthy enough to actually complete the Race for Life 10k in July. (I had to type that several times as my subconscious appears to consider it a Race of Life). Last weeks running turned into a slight disaster when I managed to do something to my back which resulted in low muscular back pain.

Good job then that uber personal trainer Sam Hart has bravely and stoically offered to train me up for the Race for Life! It’s a hard, hard job, I’m weak feeble and I might cry any moment. I lack co-ordination and frankly i’m scared of any gym, as i’m fatter than the average gym goer in suburbia. By the time I’d walked down to my session from home I was a bit tired. After analysis of my BMI etc I needed a drink (of water)- that was just managing to stand upright.

Personal training is all about working towards your own goals and achieving what you want. My goal is obviously to be able to run 10k in a reasonable time. Although I’d love to regain some proper fitness and if I could get rid of extra flab that would be great. Having a proper analysis of Muscle Mass, weight and metabolic rate is really helpful as it enables you to track progress from your starting point.

Once Sam had done the analysis of my starting point he set to work with me in the gym. The gym is an alien place to me, so with feelings of trepidation we started to work. Lack of co-ordination is a bit of a barrier, but I didn’t actually fall off anything- bonus!

For me, a lot of the work in the gym is about building up my core muscle strength. Three babies have pretty much wrecked that and that’s one of the reasons (alongside failing to warm up and stretch properly) that I’ve been getting back pains. I think this would be the case for lots of mums, so if you’re out there doing it yourself look up some core muscle exercises, it will make a massive difference.


This is what a normal person looks like at the gym. A few more sessions and I’ll look like a supermodel *this may not be at all true

It was great to learn some new stretches and how to use the equipment properly for the best results. I left the gym feeling much more positive about what can be achieved and with a lot more knowledge about how I should be stretching. Since then my back pain has diminished and I’ve been on the longest run I’ve done since I started training.

If you’re looking for a bit of additional support to help you achieve your Race for Life ambitions then do consider getting a bit of help from a personal trainer. Sam and the team at Everyone Active St Albans have kindly offered their support without charge, however you’d be surprised at how much of a difference they will make. I’ll keep you updated on progress and keep an eye out for some fab vlogs and tips from Sam coming up in future posts!


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  1. Jade Karly Staff 27th February 2016 / 10:20 am

    Good Luck in the race, after loosing 2 family members to cancer, I really thank people like you who compete in the race.

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