Review: #Playmobil Easter Eggs 2016

playmobil mermaidAs Playmobil Playologists we get to have a look at some of the best new Playmobil on offer. We’ve looked at Playmobil Easter Eggs for the past couple of years and the kids have had loads of fun with them. In fact, they are some of their most played with pieces of Playmobil.

It goes without saying that these are an incredibly good idea as they solve that sugar dilemma which every parent has at Easter. They’re also something that the children can play with an enjoy.


pirateThis year we looked at set 4946 The Mermaid with Seahorses, 4945 Pirate on a Treasure Hunt and 4947 Soccer Player with Goal. As you’ll see in my video Fifi was very pleased with the mermaid and the boys loved the pirate, not so much the soccer player as he didn’t come with much ‘stuff’. My two boys are not all that interested in football though and they love their Playmobil pirate ship more than anything so I guess this wasn’t much of a surprise. I thought the soccer player was excellent as the leg moves to enable you to kick the ball.


footballerThe eggs are excellent little sets, they’re easy and fast to put together, which makes for very quick play. It’s also really nice that they are easily transportable in their little eggs which double up as money boxes.

Have a look at how we got on:


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