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instagramI’ve been properly using Instagram for a couple on months now. Yes, I know i’m so behind the times that its practically something which your grandmother uses. I’ve found it a great place to scope out inspirational new sewing and knitting ideas and a quick way of finding new dress patterns.

The downside though is something that I realised quite quickly. Its very much an inspirational place where you can find yourself in competition and comparison with others. This isn’t so much in the crafting circles, although there is definitely a vibe of trying to look the most ‘vintage’ or quirky and have the most styled house: either white with pastels or brights or looking like a sort of Victorian junk shop.

No, its within parenting circles. I started off following loads of parent bloggers and ever since I’ve been slowly unfollowing. No offence chaps, its just that I want to see the reality of parenting and its not there. All I saw were endless pictures of toddlers holding hand/ flowers/ the latest PR gift, un-naturally glam mums wandering around frozen food stores, mums wearing skinny jeans and sweatshirts standing in front of various painted walls and a close up of a bunch of supermarket flowers.

Lets get real out there, what I want to see are pictures of the milk all over the floor, toddlers covered head to foot in ketchup, the school run happening with a pair of knickers stuck down the leg of your jeans. I’d like to see the empty bottle of wine, the stain on the sofa, the realities of parenting.

I’m going to make a concerted effort to make my Instagram stream real, if you’d like to join me then feel free. Leave your instagram name below and i’ll make sure I follow you.

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  1. Sam 22nd February 2016 / 11:28 am

    This is such an excellent idea, I might have to give it a go! I naturally do it on Facebook anyway. I have been reluctant to join Instagram for the very reasons you just described!

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