Easy World Book Day Costumes with Duck Tape

kids roman soldier costumeOver the past few years I’ve had to make a variety of children’s costumes for World Book Day from Dirty Bertie to Harry Potter. On the whole these have been quite time consuming to make for a one off day, so when I was challenged by Duck Tape to see if I could make some costumes purely using Duck Tape I jumped at the chance. The thing is the children dont get that much use out of carefully handcrafted stuff and I do often wonder if its worth the effort. With Duck Tape a whole new realm of quick, easy and simple costumes are opened up to you, robust enough for the day they are the ideal cost effective solution!

Roman Soldier

soldier4Every small boy enjoys being a Roman soldier and one of our favourite books is Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff which we have been reading in sections at bedtime. Since we had some rather fabulous silver duct tape I thought it would be perfect for re-creating Marus Aquila’s lorica segmentata (his armour).



soldier1Creating roman segmented armour must be one of the easiest things you can do with Duck Tape as the width of the tape is about the right size for each of the segments of the armour. To make this costume I simply used an old cardboard box which I cut into strips and shaped around the shoulders. The helmet is made from a strip of card to create a band from which two ear pieces and the top of the helmet are attached. The only additional stuff I used was some wool to create the lacing which is attached with different colour Duck Tape.

soldier2After a bit of a scrum over who got first try of the armour, my four year old won the chance and was exceptionally pleased with the result! I honestly don’t think I could have made a more effective Roman soldier costume  and I think I knocked this up in about 20 minutes. Result!




Mr Strong

mr strong kids costumeHaving realised how simple it is to create a really effective costume using the tape (my goodness I wish I had discovered this before) we asked the children who else they might like to be for World Book Day. Fifi came up with Mr Strong- based on the colour tape we had left. We love the Mr Men books and they are one of the few children’s books which seem to have stood the test of time since our childhoods.

Mr Strong is a really super quick costume. All you need to do is cut a square of cardboard which you cover with the tape. Use a big black marker pen to draw on the face. You can make a sort of tabard, again using two bits of tape for the sections over the shoulders. If you want to make a hat its a simple case of making a band of card to go around the head (a bit like a crown), cutting out Mr Strong’s little green hat and sticking it to the band. Result!

Using Duck Tape saves you getting out the paint! An ideal mess free solution.

Using Duck Tape saves you getting out the paint! An ideal mess free solution.

There you have it two really quick, simple, effective and best of all super cheap costumes made using a little bit of Duck Tape and some imagination. Duck Tape really is fantastic for making dressing up clothes! I hope these inspire you, I’d love to see your efforts and let me know if you make something similar to us.

Disclaimer: We were kindly sent the Duck Tape and some compensation for our time, we’ve had loads of fun making these costumes and I cant think of a more perfect solution for creating (with the children helping) your World Book Day costume.

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