Review: Natural History Museum Dinosaur Times Tables Tutor

times table tutorTimes Tables are the bane of my life. I thought the nightmare of learning them had ended them when I learnt them (by rote) at school. Unfortunately that wasnt the case as I’ve got to go through it all over again with the children. We have tried virtually everything, some children can do it simply, others take some time. I’m at my wits end and willing to try everything and anything!

We were sent a pack of Dinosaur Times Table cards. These are basically a series of playing cards with illustrations of dinosaurs and different numbers. The cards enable you to play a series of games which can be played with two to four players.

times table card gameMaths games are great because the children learn without realising it. These are great because they are very portable meaning that you can take them with you on days out.

For children that have difficulty grasping times tables through learning by rote, but are competitive, this is a positive way of getting them to learn them without realising. We’ve enjoyed playing these games and I think it has been quite a valuable learning experience.

These would make a fantastic educational gift for any little (particularly KS1/2 learner) who likes dinosaurs. You can get hold of them here at The Natural History Museum shop.

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