Review: Spring planting with Lechuza

lechuzaFinally it seems like Spring has sprung and I’ve been on a mission to make our garden look nice and also to bring a little bit of the outside in.

One of the considerations for us as cat owners is to make sure that the plants which we bring inside are cat friendly. That’s where this handy little guide from Nasa comes in- you can look up the best ones for both filtering the air and also check that they are safe for your pet.

I’ve chosen a couple of plants for these purposes, a gerbera and a spider plant. For a while these have sat on the side in their little plastic tubs which have been placed on a vintage plate. They look a bit unloved. Fortunately for me Lechuza kindly sent me over some pots. I’ve repotted my Spider Plant into the Cube Colour 14 and I think it looks fantastic. This was an easy plant to pot and what I like about the system is that it is self watering which means you can go on holiday (or generally live your life) and you don’t need to worry about the plant dying from lack of watering.

eddie1We were also sent a really cute Mini Deltini Table Planter which features an owl design. This was immediately snapped up by little Ned as a plant pot for his bedroom. Seizing the moment I decided to let him have a go at potting up his own choice of plants for his room. He decided upon a primrose (which I love) and I thought this was a wise choice. We talked about the plant, the substrate and how the system worked and this was quite a fun way of spending the afternoon.

lechuza planterLechuza planters are really good quality and there is a lot of choice on offer. They are an innovative system which is so useful for busy households. Easy to assemble with clear instructions i’ve now got a few different planters and they have made a positive difference to our quality of life by enabling me to have houseplants with that tiny bit less hastle- meaning that the plants don’t die!

Disclaimer: We were gifted these in exchange for review

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