Review: Star Wars Bedding from Character World

storm trooper

All the boys in our house are obsessed with Star Wars. They went to see the movie several times and have bought enormous quantities of lego and other merchandise. The whole house is slowly being taken over.

When I asked the boys if they’d like to try out some new Star Wars bedding from Character World they literally jumped for joy and couldn’t wait for it to arrive. I have to admit my biggest boy was very disappointed as they don’t make their duvet covers in double or kingsize. I think they are missing a trick with that one, although I’m quite grateful as I’m personally very happy with my flowery bedding.










Once the duvet sets arrived I promptly rinsed them through (fussy boys) with the boys favourite fabric softener and put them on their beds for when they arrived home from school. They washed up really nicely and the colours remained quite fast which is always a worry with darker fabrics.

force awakensI put them on the beds and when the boys came home they were delighted with their new covers. In fact, they have both demanded that we leave them on the beds forever- meaning I’ll have to sneak into their rooms and wash them whilst they are at school.

The white Storm Trooper bedding feels much more silky than the Force Awakens which is quite stiff bedding. Both are great quality and clearly hard wearing, I think I’d prefer to sleep under the Storm Troopers myself as its so lovely and soft.

force1I have two very happy boys and the bedding matches all of the posters which have created a theme in their rooms. I’m thrilled at how pleased they are with their new bedding and its meant for better nights sleep which is great!

You can get hold of the bedding on Amazon and various other stores such as B & Q and Tesco.

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