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The Wool Room

The Wool Room bed and bedding

I can pinpoint the last time I had a really good nights sleep pretty much exactly, it was probably at some point in September 2006. This was before I was pregnant, before I had children and shortly after we had finished decorating our house. Basically when things were very calm and ordered in our lives and house.

I know I need my sleep, its just I don’t have very much of it. I’m interrupted a lot a night; if it isn’t the children, its the cat or the husband. If, by some miracle it isn’t them, then its general stress, worry or hormonally caused temperature issues. I don’t think i’ve had a solid 5 hours sleep since 2006. So, as you can imagine when I was asked along for breakfast by The Wool Room (who are a British bedding company) to find out some tips about getting a good nights sleep, I was first in the queue!

I’m so glad I went along to the event as I learnt loads of information which was so interesting and useful. Did you know for example that on average people sleep for a third of each day? That means that by the age of 90 you’ll have spent 30 years asleep.

Apparently nowadays we average about 6.5 hours sleep and if you sleep for less than 5 hours a night then you’ll have a 50% greater chance of being obese. This is all down to hormones; tiredness promotes the hormone ghrelin which in turn makes you crave carbohydrates. I think this might be my issue!

There are loads of things you can do about this though. It did cross my mind to send the kids off for sleepovers all the time but that is a little impractical. But if I can use these tips and tricks to help the children sleep and help myself sleep then we will be halfway there. These are the things The Wool Room suggested (I’d love to know if they help- i’ll report back with my findings in a month or so):

Avoiding caffeine and alcohol: Caffeine can suppress melatonin which the body produces to signal sleep. That means stop drinking tea and coffee at least 4 hours before bed and don’t have that late night glass of wine!

Eat a small snack: Something like a banana, some cherries or wholegrain cereals is apparently helpful.

Make sure its dark and that the bedroom is a place to sleep: Cut out all the light and leave all technology downstairs, that means getting rid of the TV.

Temperature: The optimum bedroom temperature is apparently 18 degrees C.

Sort out your bed: A comfortable bed which is made from natural materials is a must. Make sure you change your bed/mattress every few years and try to buy one that doesn’t contain flame retardants.

The University of Leeds recently did some research that showed that wool bedding boosts the chances of a good nights sleep by 67%. I thought this was amazing. In all honesty it shouldn’t come as a shock really as throughout history wool is the thing that people have used for their bedding.

The Wool Room

Brilliant Wool filled pillows, adjustable for a perfect nights sleep

This is where The Wool Room comes in; they sell British Wool bedding, everything from pillows through to duvets and beds. This proved a revelation to me. The products are well worth looking at and I’m certainly going to be saving up to invest in some, not least because they seem to be so versatile. For example you can adjust the amount of filling in the pillows to make them perfect for you. Amazing!

Wool bedding is also fabulous for people with allergies, because of the way it deals with moisture and humidity you wont find any dust mites lingering within it. Whats more, because of this natural property, you wont overheat as it can regulate your temperature.

Alongside being really impressed by the fact that its 100% traceable British Wool, for me, the really brilliant thing is that its easily washable! The super kingsize duvet can be split in half and each half will fit comfortably into a domestic washing machine. I’m totally sold on this because i’m forever buying new duvets in our house as they don’t fit in the washing machine and they seem very grubby after a while.

I can’t tell you how much i’m sold on these products, I would have bought some of them on the spot if the option had been there. I love the idea of anything that will improve my sleep but i’m also very aware of trying to make my house ‘healthy’ in terms of the things we put in it. These products tick all the boxes and I think, given their quality, represent very good value for money. Flicking through the brochure they even have a 30 day ‘sleep better or your money back’ guarantee, you couldn’t ask for more.

The Wool Room

Baby Sleeping Bags

So, with 3 kids and us, budget is limited and we will need to save up to get things. I’m sure you’re probably in a similar position, so what do I think you should start with? Well, I’m going to aim for pillows and duvets initially. I’m very conscious about pillows and I love the idea of adjusting them and making the ‘right’ for the children. I’d also like to feel confident that they are sleeping and breathing on something that is healthy. After that I’m going for duvets and then the mattress toppers.

If you’d like to find out more and have a look at the range you can find them at selected retail stockists such as Heals, they also have 3 showrooms in Edinburgh, Peak District and Stamford. Or alternatively you can find them online here.

I’m genuinely excited about something that might actually be a help in getting me out of what has become a bit of a hormonal/ life stage induced poor sleep routine and frankly- there is nothing nicer than new bedding. Alongside this, if I can sort out the children’s sleep habits then this bedding will be worth more than its weight in gold!

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