Perimenopausal fitness

runningTraining for the Race for Life 10k continues. However, I’ve noticed that the quality or my runs in terms of the speed and distance varies wildly. By wildly I mean sometimes I can run 10 k at 6.18 minutes per kilometre and other days I can barely manage 3.5 km at 6.50 minutes per kilometre. This has been puzzling me somewhat.

I’ve been trying to look a bit wider in my life to try to work out exactly what the problem is. I’ve cut out virtually all alcohol and a lot of the sugar in my diet. However, there are times in the month where I crave sugary sweets and chocolate and literally cant function without it. I think since I’ve been training i’ve actually put on weight, but I cant be sure as we don’t own any scales. I feel fatter thats for certain.

For a while I’ve found it very difficult to have coherent thought. I’ve been putting this down to anxiety and stress.  This has made it very difficult for me to write anything, hence I’m not posting as often as I used to. Things have got really bad in the past couple of months. I can’t remember the most straightforward things; stuff I used to know, places, peoples name, the names of objects, random words. There seems to be a sort of brain fog and its quite distressing. In fact I have seriously asked a couple of my closest friends if they think it might be early on set dementia.

I’ve had some other symptoms, an increase in the amount of migraines I’ve been getting. Last year was a permanent haze of migraines. I’ve also been freezing cold a lot of the time. I feel chilled to the bone and I cant get warm underneath a really thick duvet and throw whilst wearing thermal Pj’s.

I did the thing which you should never do with any sort of medical symptom and started Googling. For a while I have wondered if I am peri-menopausal but it seems that i’m having pretty much classic symptoms. I’m not sure how I really feel about this, its a change in life thats for sure and although we couldn’t have any more children for other reasons, this seems a very final thing.

I’ve been around to the shop and bought myself multivitamins, evening primrose and some iron tablets but I probably could do with some other stuff. Any suggestions welcomed.

I’m mentioning all this because I think that the peri-menopause might well be at the root of my running difficulties and i’m not entirely sure how to deal with this. I’ve Googled loads and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information about there, aside from saying that exercise is so important at this stage of life.

So this is an outright appeal to others; if you’re a runner and at this stage of life does it affect you? How do you cope with it? Any suggestions of things I can do?

I’m doing all this running to train for the St Albans Race for Life 10k. If you’d like to sponsor me, see how much i’ve raised or find out my story have a look here.

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