Review: BFree Wheat and Gluten Free Bakery Products

I wont go on about the health drive i’m on, suffice to say when I was offered the chance to try out some of the BFree range I thought I’d give it a go. I must admit, I’ve not had the best experience of gluten free, the pasta I tried was frankly horrible. BFree seems to be a bit different though, I didn’t have to actually cook anything for a start, so things couldn’t go wrong!

We tried the Bfree wraps. I tend to use wraps as an emergency back up dinneBfree wrapsr and this was no difference. We had meatballs, cottage cheese and a selection of vegetables which is exactly what we would have had at the end of the week when I use up things in the fridge. I must admit wraps are a brill thing to have in the cupboard as they go with anything, so apologies if this isn’t how you’d use them- but reality is why you come to this blog-right?! We all agreed that the wraps weren’t quite as tasty as our normal choice as they were less chewy, however they were a great healthy option.

bfreeNext up were the pitta breads. Now, we tend to eat quite a lot of these as the children absolutely love them. I served them up with Deliciously Ella’s Coconut Thai Curry which is my favourite dish at the moment. To be honest we didn’t think they tasted any different to our usual pitta breads, i’ll definitely buy these ones again!

I think overall as a family I’d buy these again, its nice to have the option to serving up healthy versions of your usual foods. I’m currently having a look through the website for some new recipes.

We also have a Fajita kit to test and I’ve asked my eldest son to make dinner with that tonight so you might see some tweets of the results.

Overall, i’m impressed. I think this is a good, easy way to cut down on wheat and gluten which requires no effort at all and very little compromise in terms of taste. I’m going to have a thorough look at their recipe suggestions and I’ve enjoyed looking through their website. If you’re interested in making your families diet a little bit more healthy i’d suggest you give BFree a go!




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