Review: Herbal Tea from Indigo Herbs

indigo herbsI’m sure readers must be aware by now, but in July i’m running 10K for Cancer Research. This is quite a feat given how ill I was in January, I spent most of the month in bed and i’ve only recently  recovered. Still, its about time now that I started looking after myself. I think I was struggling with burn out which lead to me catching flu, glandular fever and struggling with chest and ear infections. I’d been working very hard trying to keep all juggling lots of different balls and it was all work and no rest!

As a result i’m trying really hard to eat well, get plenty of rest and relaxation. The kind people at Indigo Herbs offered to give me a bit of a helping hand and sent over some of their lovely tea.

I was sent some Marigold Flower tea which is a lovely soothing calming tea.  I’ve been using this when I’ve come back from long runs and also before bed. It has a lovely scent and it really is one of the best teas I’ve had in a long time.

The other tea i’ve been drinking is the Echinacea Leaf Tea. I thought that this was quite strong and to be honest I didn’t like it as much, my husband though does and has been drinking it like there is no tomorrow. Echinacea has brilliant immune boosting properties and I have to admit that since I’ve been drinking this and running more regularly I have been a bit more healthy. It could be a coincidence, or perhaps it really does make a difference!

I’ve been really impressed with these teas, I wanted to give them a good try over a month or so before I wrote about them because I think its useful to properly try them. I’ve offered them to friends and family and they’ve all been impressed. They are great quality and feel like good products, i’ve been enjoying them and taking my time over cups of tea rather than grabbing them in a rush.

Having looked through the Indigo Herbs website I’ve noticed loads of other interesting products. If you’re on a health drive like me then I think its definitely worth a good look.




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