When running becomes a bit, well, shallow

claire walshI must admit I’m starting to quite enjoy this fitness thing. I don’t enjoy it before, during or immediately after at the moment. But I do enjoy it quite a bit after, when I think that I’ve gone out and done something essentially for myself. I still hate all the warm ups though!

The past couple of days i’ve been unable to run, having run a few epic sessions; a 10k, a couple of 5/6k, I think I over did it. My wonky knee just said ‘no’ and I found myself limping a bit on the school run. Like a wally. Thank goodness the super fit school mums in their gym gear don’t really know about my new found sportiness or they’d probably laugh at my naivety. I’m hoping a few swimming sessions will sort me out.

Prior to this I had some sort of revelation. You see, I’d bought myself some new flowery leggings. I bought them because I quite liked them and I thought they’d be good for holiday’s if nothing else. Anyway, despite them being completely unpractical for running as they keep falling down, I realised that I quite liked them for running. Purely on the basis that they look quite nice and I’ve received a lot of compliments.

Its true, wearing nice running kit does in fact spur you onwards and upwards. It makes a massive difference in the morning, when all you want to do is to lie in bed, to put on something nice rather than the boring old grey and black slightly knackered running kit. When you’re running along, you’re spurred on by not looking like a mess. If in your mind you’re running along looking like Cameron Diaz, you’ll mentally feel like her and do better, really, its true. It doesn’t matter if you really look like a slightly plump middle aged mother who cant really see through her glasses thanks to the incessant British rain.

The downside; I need to buy new fitness gear. I want bright colourful, trendy nice stuff. It has to be a reasonable price which doesn’t break the bank, it needs to wash easily and well. If I can wear it on other occasions without looking stupid that would also be good. Any recommendations will be welcomed.

I’ve never really been all that bothered by what I wear, despite having a serious interest in fashion and costume history (I even curated a costume collection). I don’t know if this is an age thing, but it does seem true that how you present yourself to the world can make a major difference to your life. Its not so much about what you know as what you wear. This is related to personal psychology as much as how others relate to you. How funny that it took me a pair of flowery leggings and training for the Race for Life 10k in St Albans to make me realise this!

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