boysFinally Spring is here and armed with walkie talkies i’ve been able to give the children a little bit more freedom than the confines of our house. They are now able to cycle up and down our cul-de-sac freely and create merry mayhem for the elderly of our estate.

There has been a bit of a sea change in our street recently as three households have moved out to be replaced by three new families. For the children this has been brilliant as they now have a new group of friends who are not related to school and who are freely about. In some ways this has created a slight problem as the eldest now appears to have a gang of small boys who all cycle up and down the pavements making noise. I’m waiting for the complaints. He gets exceptionally cross when asked to return home as he is having so much fun. I’m not sure how to deal with this.

We also have the issue of the four year old, who clearly wants to join in with is older siblings but is too small. It means that if I let him join in i’m effectively trapped by the window spying on them, sometimes for hours. This is not fun.

I’m sure these little things will sort themselves out in time and we will find an appropriate routine and boundaries for everyone.

In other news a friend of ours moved to a house where the garden fills with frogs and toads once a year when they lay eggs everywhere. This is a bit of a problem for them as there is frogspawn literally everywhere and its not sustainable. Its good news for us though because we managed to acquire a bucket full of frogspawn!

tadpolesGrowing frogs from frogspawn is something that every child needs to experience and this is the first time we have been able to facilitate this for our children. When I was little I loved watching the eggs develop into tadpoles and then see the little frogs emerge. Of course, it was sad when they had to be released but its all part of the journey. This morning the children were studiously looking at the eggs when they noticed some of them had changed, it wont be long before we have lots of little tadpoles! A sure sign that Spring is definitely here.

This afternoon we have lots of seeds to plant, after a little bit of a break last year to focus on growing flowers we are back to growing our own vegetables. I’ve bought pumpkins, runner beans, peas, tomatoes, broccoli and courgette. Now all I need to do is expand our vegetable beds a little to cope with the harvest.

I’m really looking forward to a bit of sunshine and the children being older. This is the first summer where I wont have to be burdened with nappy bags and the paraphernalia associated with babies. We can go for long walks in the countryside and open the windows and doors for some fresh air. Freedom all around then…

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