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Book Review: Shadow Warriors by Chris Bradfield

8th May 2016 No Comments

shadow warriorsBarrington Stoke are a great publisher to look at if you have a reluctant reader. I’m rapidly becoming a fan of their books because they offer something different. The stories are usually original and tackle some interesting issues and the books themselves are well produced with consideration for children who find reading difficult or unappealing for various reasons (including dyslexia).

Shadow Warriors is a brilliantly exciting story which just the right amount of violence to keep your little ninja engaged and enthralled. The book is well written, researched and beautifully illustrated. My 9 year old liked the quizzes at the end of the book and saw them as a bit of an incentive to keep going with the story. For him, this is the ideal book, the content and the size are perfectly pitched. This meant could finish it in a reasonable time and feel a sense of achievement alongside enjoying the story.

The one criticism which my son levelled was that he didnt like that the story was told in flashback, as he felt he already knew the outcome. However, this is the first book he has read with this sort of structure and so I think its as much a matter of what he is used to than anything else!

As a parent I thought this was an excellent book, its a reasonable price, well produced which makes its nice to read and is appealing. If you’d like to find out more have a little look here.

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