Messy Spins with B-Girl Terra for Persil

photo 1-1A couple of weeks ago the kids were thrilled to receive a pack from persil containing everything they needed to have a go at break-dancing. To celebrate the fact that Persil Mono Capsules have 2 extra capsules in every pouch they have charged B Girl Terra with teaching our nations children how to do the knee spin!

We had loads of fun accepting our challenge to learn how to do messy spins. I have to say, the 4 year old was by far the best at break dancing!

If you’d like to have a go have a look at the handy tips:

photo 2-1


I have to say, i’ve been really impressed with this Persil, not only have I washed the kids muddied dance kit but I used the capsules for washing the clothing and bedding after a recent muddy wild camping trip.

Everything came out really clean, it did an excellent job with stains. I have to admit, I don’t usually use biological washing solutions as  Fifi has very sensitive skin, however she hasn’t reacted to this (thank goodness), so I think I will keep using it in future- which is high praise from me!


You can get hold of Persil Bio Capsules in all the major supermarkets and you’ll find loads of stuff on B Girl Terra online, she is a little dance inspiration.


The kids enjoyed showing off their messy spins to their friends on a recent camping adventure. The Persil worked like magic to get them clean!

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