Running Without Technology

runThe past week or so has been a bit of a running write off. This is in part due to a wild camping trip which required a fair amount of preparation. I was intending to run around the fens as part of the trip, until I realised that if I did that I’d need to buy a solar shower or i’d get very smelly. A solar shower would have been great, if there had been any sunshine predicted instead of grey drizzle. The thought of getting hot and then freezing cold and wet was too much even for someone as dedicated as myself (ahem). The thought of getting all hot and smelly and remaining pretty much that was was also enough to bring me to my senses!

Then it was my birthday, which involved the children getting up early and myself being a bit worried about being too tired to go out in the evening if I got up early for a run. Normally this wouldn’t bother me but we tend to only go out in the evenings twice a year, so I didn’t want to risk anything jeopardising this.

Anyway, one thing has lead to another and i’m very behind on my (in my head) training plan. I’ve also come across another psychological block/ excuse; technology that isn’t charged.

I realise i’ve become really dependent on my phone app or Garmin watch to tell me how fast I have run, how far and then compare my run to previous runs. It is highly motivating, it is also incredibly addictive.

In my mind I haven’t actually run, or cant run unless its recorded somewhere. In the past, before technology I just used to write it down in a notebook to enable me to see my progress and work it all out manually. This was actually quite an enjoyable thing to do, although it was a little bit more time consuming than simply logging into an app!

This morning I thought I’d go for a nice long sunday morning run but the phone and the Garmin were flat. Disaster! Then I came to my senses and thought that actually i’m not in any sort of competition with others or with myself. I forced myself to go out and run, simply for the act of running itself. You know what? It was great, I didn’t feel constrained by trying to monitor my distance or speed, I just ran where I fancied going and listened to my body. I couldn’t hide behind my phone or watch (and pretend to look at that) when I saw people, I simply had to acknowledge them and say good morning.

I’m really surprised, I think this morning was one of the best runs i’ve had so far this year. I don’t mean in terms of accomplishments, I mean in terms of fun. Granted, the sun in shining and its a beautiful day. However, I think life in general can be vastly improved without the daily reliance on tech and I think i’m going to try to live without it all a little bit more!

I’m currently training for the Cancer Research Race for Life 10k in St Albans why not join me?


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