Book Review: Super Rabbit by Stephanie Blake

13th August 2016 No Comments

SuperRabbit_Cover_medOnce there was a little rabbit… “I’m not a LITTLE rabbit! I’m Super Rabbit!”

Gecko Press produce some really lovely books. They seem to excel in the production value of their books meaning that you get something that feels really good quality and stands out amongst the rest.

Super Rabbit is another story featuring Simon the rabbit from the best selling book Poo Bum. This is a simple story with a brilliant ending which every child reading it will be able to identify with. I would suggest it is perfect for the pre-school age group where the bright visual and graphic illustrations and the story will really set imaginations on fire.

Little Ned (4) thought that this was the best book he has seen for a while when it dropped through the letter box and he has been fiercely guarding it, making sure we read it at bed time. The idea of a Super Rabbit really captivated his imagination.

Well worth a read, especially if you fancy a book which is just good fun for your little one!

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