Book Review: Terraria: The Ultimate Survival Handbook

10th August 2016 1 Comment

terrariaTerraria is a sort of 2D exploration game which my eldest son is obsessed with- to the point where he played for 12 hours straight and got his iPad confiscated! Its played by his favourite YOuTuber DanTDM and is something that all children appear to love.

This book came at the right moment because it inspired the 9 year old to feel more inspired to delve deeper into the game because it explained things at the right level for him. Previously to this book arriving he hadn’t actually played the game a great deal because he found it quite tricky. Therefore I cant rate this book highly enough because not only did he actually do some reading (something very hard to get a reluctant reader to do) but he also got some real value out of the game itself. A win- win situation.

If you are looking for something full of information which will encourage your child to read as well as to to apply what he is read then you really cant go wrong. When asked my son gave it 5/5 perhaps his highest score EVER for a book!

This is a good quality handbook, reasonably priced at £7.99 and an essential companion for anyone interested in the game and wanting to get the most out of it. You can get hold of a copy of it here.

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  • Daniel Roy 24th November 2016 at 7:50 am

    Hi! I’m the author of the Terraria Ultimate Survival Handbook and the next three books in the series. I found your review via Twitter and I just wanted to say thanks! It’s a cool review.

    If your son got more out of the game because of the handbook AND he learned to love reading just a little bit more, then my mission is accomplished! 🙂

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