Featured Post: How to Prepare Your House for Sale

houseAre you thinking of putting your property on the market? As parents this is something we’ve spent a long time considering and discussing. As our family has grown we have outgrown our house. Its a tricky thing to do successfully when you’re busy rushing about and you have a house full of stuff so we’ve put together some top tips for you. This advice will help you to ensure that your house sells quickly and for the highest amount possible…

First, think about your curb appeal

When you’ve been living in your home for a while it can be hard to see that it’s less than perfect. However, prospective buyers are going to be judging your property from the moment they set eyes on it, so make that first impression count!

Freshen up the exterior and attend to peeling paintwork, overgrown gardens, cracked patios and fallen-down walls or fences. By getting the outside of your property in top tip condition, the buyer will truly believe that it’s worth every penny you’re asking for.

Repair damage
Similarly, spend some time and money making essential repairs. For instance, if your chimney is beginning to fall down or you have big cracks appearing in the walls, it’s definitely in your interest to get it fixed.

Why? Well, putting your house on the market without addressing these issues is going to knock lots of money off the asking price as buyers know that they’ll have to foot the bill to put it right. But don’t worry: you can recoup the money you’ve spent on repairs by simply putting the asking price up a little, so this step doesn’t have to cost you as much as you might be imagining right now!

Freshen up with a lick of paint

If any of your rooms, skirting boards or trims are looking worse for wear, freshen them up with a new coat of paint. And, if you have particularly bold taste, you should consider redecorating in neutral colours. Opt for whites and creams as prospective buyers will find it easy to envisage moving their belongings into your home if you’re offering them a blank canvas.

De-clutter and tidy up

It can be hard to keep on top of the mess while you’re selling (especially if you have a family), but it will certainly pay off to give your house a deep clean before it’s professionally photographed. Tidy up before viewings, and use the fact you’re selling as an opportunity to de-clutter some of your belongings: nothing puts prospective buyers off like mountains of ‘junk’, especially if it’s obscuring the proportions of your rooms or blocking natural light.

Decide how you’re going to market your house

Finally, remember that some house buyers pay in cash (such as the kind of companies that buys homes quickly and don’t need to secure mortgages beforehand), whereas others are going to be locked into a chain.

So, decide what’s important to you: do you want to sell your house quickly and have it taken off your hands? Or, are you happy to let it linger on the market before negotiating offers and contracts? It’s a personal decision and both options could be the right choice, so just weigh up the pros and cons of each.  

If you follow these tips, you’ll be a long way towards getting your house ready for sale! For more advice, check out this information available on the Home Owners Alliance website.



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