Toy Review: Teksta Voice Recognition Puppy

tekstaI’m currently on my quest to try to find new and exciting Christmas gifts for my little gang. They had seen the new generation Teksta Puppy advertised on TV and thought it looked brilliant and it was something that they were really keen to have. As soon as we were offered the chance to actually review it I jumped at the chance. On reflection this might not have been the best idea as i’m now short on my potential Christmas gift list, however its useful for readers and my kids have had the best Bank Holiday weekend playing with their new puppy!

The Teksta Puppy retails at £59.99 and is aimed at 7+ age group. It now has voice recognition, multi-coloured LED eyes and realistic ear movements. There are 10 voice recognition commands programmed in and state of the art artificial intelligence means he barks, whimpers and so on.

We’ve been having lots of fun with the Teksta puppy and one of the best features is oddly that he requires a fair amount of training (as does his owners). Myself and Fifi have found this great fun as she really wants her own dog and this is a great introduction to dog ownership. Have a look at our efforts:

We have found the voice recognition a bit hit and miss but in theory there are 10 commands ranging from making the puppy bark through to making him do a flip. Fifi likes the song and dance feature which has two different songs. She also likes making it walk towards her.

There is also a free app to go with the Teksta Puppy and that lets you do all the actions straight from the app. Its easy to use and is another way of controlling the puppy.

This is a brilliant toy for this age group as it is great fun and actually teaches them a lot about elementary programming, patience and training animals. Fifi has genuinely gained a lot from it and it continues to be a popular toy in our household. In terms of value for money the price of Teksta has really come down, I remember them being quite pricey a few years ago, however at £59.99 this represents excellent value for money for a quality toy.

Teksta Puppy has a friend: a Toucan, it looks like this bird will be on our Christmas list this year!

If you’d like more information or to buy it have a look here.

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