Featured Post: Summer Holiday Brain Drain

With my eldest now in year 5 i’m getting very familiar with the concept of ‘brain drain’. Its basically where your child can go backwards  in terms of their reading, maths and general school stuff during school holidays. I think some of it is related to lack of use- if you don’ t keep doing something then you easily forget it, it happens to us all. However, its a good idea for children’s confidence to try to maintain their levels over the holidays. Hope Education have provided me with the handy infographic posted below which provides some great ideas.

One of the things which I do is to buy the children a new notebook and get them working on a project of their choosing. We also have special themed days such as our India Day and special book club days to keep them reading. The other brilliant thing to do- highlighted in the infographic below- is to get them to keep a diary. This encourages literacy, comprehension and loads of skills including maintaining their fine motor skills. The other day the 9 year old found the diary he wrote when he had finished reception and he was delighted to have a look at it.

If you haven’t discovered it yet there are also some fabulous apps which can keep the kids thinking and learning. We like Reading Eggs, Scratch and Minecraft (surprisingly educational) here but there are loads to choose from.

Its only three weeks until half term, now is the time to start thinking about how to keep the children educated and using their brains. I must admit, I’ve come to realise that for me its best if I plan activities so we will be having a halloween themed book day, a trip to a railway museum, some cookery and possibly a theatre trip.

I’d love to hear your ideas for preventing brain drain; what do you have planned for half term?



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