Book Review: Martin Brown’s Lesser Spotted Animals

2nd October 2016 No Comments

lesser-spotted-animalsThis is a fabulous book from the illustrator of Horrible Histories. Its basically a book about animals, except these are all unusual animals. Instead of your usual hippo’s and giraffes you can learn all about sand cats, the yellow-footed rock-wallaby and the banded linsang.

I must admit, i’ve always loved a book about animals- as does my daughter. We both pounced on this when it arrived and its been sitting on our coffee table attracting much attention for the past couple of weeks. Not only is it a brilliant conversation starter, it is one of those books which you delve into and then get lost in. We absolutely love it and you wont be able to beat us in an unusual animal pub quiz, trivial pursuit or scrabble now. I can guarantee there wont be anyone else you know familiar with the Cuban solenodon.

Sometimes its hard to get children really interested in a non-fiction book, you need something modern and usual and this fits the bill. The illustrations are brilliant, its perfectly pitched and really well written. If you want to make sure your children value and respect the world around them this is a great start. The book is based on a list of threatened species and its a great way of introducing concepts of environmental awareness.

Fabulous, you must get hold of this! Find it here.


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