Book Review: TIMELINE: Activity Book by Peter Goes

25th October 2016 No Comments

timelineactivitybook_hr-coverTIMELINE: Activity Book is the companion book to the best selling Timeline book. This book is basically a timeline through history from dinosaurs onwards. As you travel through the book you’re asked to complete or add to the illustrations. Its sort of like a very lovely artistic workbook. In fact, if you view it that way it will be the nicest work book you’ve ever seen.

This idea is a brilliant and interactive way to get children learning and thinking about history. The way that you move through time as you move through the book encourages children to draw parallels between different time periods and to use their imagination. Drawing is very important for children, it encourages their fine motor skills, imagination and allows for a creative outlet.

My seven year old daughter absolutely loves this book, shes spent most of half term sitting, reading and illustrating. She has been creating her own little worlds in different time periods of history and learning at the same time. The book has encouraged her to research the things she is meant to be drawing and really think about the time periods. I’m so impressed. Not only that, she has a beautiful book which she has illustrated herself and can keep.

Adding the tentacles
Fifi’s cave painting

I think this would make the ideal book for any child (or adult- i’m tempted to buy my own copy) for Christmas. If you’d like to find out more you can have a look at the Gecko Press website here

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