Half Term Days Out: The Haunted Castle- Warwick Castle at Halloween

witches cauldron

The Witches Cauldron

Warwick Castle is always a brilliant day out. Its a beautiful restored castle set within 64 acres of Capability Brown designed grounds on the River Avon. Its also fantastically well located in the centre of Warwick meaning that you can easily get there by train or from the M40. It takes us just about 1 hour 45 from St Albans generally- thats great for a different day out to usual!

From 22- 31st October Warwick Castle is been transformed into The Haunted Castle especially for Halloween. This makes a trip even better value! By day there are all sorts of family friendly activities including the Horrible Histories Maze (which the kids loved), through to The Haunted Hollows.


The Gargoyle in The Haunted Hollows

If you have the stamina to stay on later you can see a Halloween Fire Joust and see the plague Doctor in the new Outbreak 1349 show about the Black Death.

Pumpkins at the entrance (and my little pumpkin)

Pumpkins at the entrance (and my little pumpkin)

We visited the Castle on Saturday and if you follow my Tweets you’ll see what a fantastic day we had. The kids loved climbing the castle ramparts and exploring the towers. The Haunted Hollows was eerily scary and pitched at just the right level for my lot (9, 4, 7). In fact, I was a little disturbed walking through the clothes lines hanging with sheets in the fog- it was eerily scarily like something from Victorian London.

One of the highlights of any trip to Warwick Castle is the Flight of the Eagles bird show, at the moment there are lots of new birds to see and we loved seeing them. The Condor was an amazingly impressive bird and its only going to get bigger, I cant think of a more spectacular bird display.

Witches Garden

Enter the Witches Garden at your peril

The Witches Tower is replacing the Princess Tower for  Halloween and it was a really popular attraction- if you want to go to it make sure you get your tickets early on in the day as we couldn’t get any suitable times for our kids. Its basically a new storytelling experience which looks great fun.



Unfortunately my little crew weren’t quite old enough to experience some of the more spooky halloween experiences. There are a couple of attractions suitable for over 10 and over 12 year olds. apparently Tormented is really, really scary. They’d be great if you have teenagers you want to entertain. The castle is also open until 9pm so you can experience at castle at night, which is a special experience in itself!

We had a really full day at Warwick, from 10:30 till nearly 6 pm the whole family was entertained in a fun way, but we also learnt loads! The kids are brimming with history facts and the trip was definitely one of the highlights of this half term. Warwick Castle is a beautiful magical place, you can have a lovely walk, watch the trebuchet get fired and explore the castle.

Beautiful Autumnal weather at Warwick Castle

Beautiful Autumnal weather at Warwick Castle

Inside the castle!

Inside the castle!

If you’d like to find out more have a look at the Warwick Castle website and make sure you add it to your bookmarks as there is an ever changing series of events here and they are always brilliant.

spooky cake

A spooky cake!

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