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stonehengeOne of the things I’ve become very conscious of since i’ve had children is that I don’t want to leave them with a terrible mess to sort out should anything happen to me. I know that sounds morbid and i’m only in my early forties, but I couldn’t imagine anything worse than having to sift through endless bits of paper and stuff whilst really distressed. To that effect I am very slowly trying to weed out and de-clutter my things, this is a good thing as it helps life move more smoothly anyway. After all, who needs the manual from a fridge we bought 15 years ago?

I recently read an interesting article (and I cant remember where) about social media legacy. I started thinking more about this whole issue. There are lots of strands to it; its sobering to think about every Facebook and Twitter post as your last. Who can honestly say they haven’t stalked a dead celebrities Twitter feed, its just something that happens. Imagine if someone stalked yours and your last Tweet was a rant at [insert company] for failing to deliver,  something detailing how fed up you were with parenting/ your husband/ your best friend, or a succinct message about how much you hate cleaning, people who talk on the bus etc. Is this how you’d like to be remembered in eternity? Would you like people to see a small animated picture of a cat doing a wee on a toilet as your last Facebook post? You catch my drift.

This also has implications for blogging, I’ve always been fairly aware that one day my kids will read this blog and i’ve never mentioned them by name. At the start I didn’t use their images, but I do now with their permission- in fact they often ask to be pictured. However, i’m really conscious that I do need to go through and have a good weed (de-clutter) of my posts. Some of them were quite important and personal at the time, I didn’t really have anyone to talk to and I needed to get things out of my system. Some were (and are) just silly. Many don’t really reflect me if you know me and lots of them don’t say things I’d love to say or talk about purely because I don’t feel that it would be appropriate to do so.

When I started blogging it was essentially a digital diary, a way of sharing thoughts and experiences. It was quite a small world and not many people read blogs. I imagine it in my mind as Jane Austin probably did with her diaries; I simply didn’t think it would be of interest and read so widely.

There has been a rise in ‘honest parenting’ blogs and I’d like to think that a lot of it is a brilliant way of getting the message across of what parenting really is like. I’ve certainly tried to be honest. However, do all these bloggers ever consider that the post they have just written- perhaps moaning about their children- might be the last they write? If one of their children had to read through the last thing they wrote about them and it was a rant about their inability to potty train would it be quite so funny?

Personally going forwards I’m going to think really carefully about what I tweet, Facebook or blog. Imagine someone standing up at your funeral and reading your last Tweet or that Facebook post and then think if thats how you’d like to be remembered. I’m going to continue my on going project to weed my blog and also consider what i’m going to write anywhere.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, is this something you’ve considered. Do you have a blog weeding project?

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