Featured Post: E.ON’s Winter Watching Challenge

There is nothing we like more in this house than settling down with family and friends for a special movie night in and according to research 46 % of Brits look forward to snuggling up on the sofa. I was absolutely thrilled when E.ON challenged us to create a really special night in as it gave me the opportunity to ramp things up another level as to be honest i’m really suffering from a bit of Pre- Christmas burn out. The aim of E.ON’s Winter Watching Challenge is to create the perfect movie night in.

After a small vote on potential themes (Spy, Christmas, animals, superhero) we opted for an unsurprising movie marathon:

The Food

My daughter is on a low sugar diet and so we have to be quite innovative with our snacks and treats. She was determined that we would have some cake but we opted for Davina’s Low Sugar Sponge Cake we have her low sugar cookery book and its full of yummy recipes.

Low Sugar Cake

You can’t have a Christmas movie night without a huge bowl of mixed nuts- these are my secret weapon in our war on unhealthy healthy eating. We also treated ourselves to popcorn crisps and since its Christmas had a Christmas cake option as well!

The Ambiance

I thought I’d take the opportunity to splash out on some nice new throws to snuggle under, these can make such a difference helping to create the Hyge vibe. We found some fantastic ones in Debenhams but i’ve also got my eye on some faux fur ones in Sainsbury.  You may have noticed in the video Fifi has a fantastic mermaids tail blanket, these seem to be all over the shops!

treeAt the moment the Christmas tree is a focal point in our room so we made sure the lights were on and turned off all the other lights to make the room seem magical. We all love doing this at Christmas, it makes it a very special time and of course, its always nicest to watch a movie in the dark!

The Movies

In the survey for E.ON Brits were asked which films they most like to step into for a day the top five were:

  1. Its a Wonderful Life
  2. The Holiday
  3. Love Actually
  4. Serendipity
  5. A Christmas Carol

Of course, children being children when presented with this list they rejected every single one of them. Instead we had a Star Wars marathon, its the fault of Rogue One, the only way we can get our eldest to come to the cinema to watch it is to enable him to refresh his knowledge of the series.

This year we’ve been to see some fantastic things at the cinema which we will also be re-watching in the comfort of our home. These include Kung Fu Panda 3, The Jungle Book and the boys current favourite film of all time Captain America Civil War. Having been inspired by the list above i’m also aiming for a night with the husband, Love Actually and a nice take-away.

We had a fab time planning and holding our movie night. Somehow with a bit of planning it became much more special than just watching a movie at home! If you’d like to get thinking about your own movie night then E.ON have created some top tips to help you get in the mood. You’ll find them here on the fab E.ON blog. Here is a sneak preview


I’d love to hear about your perfect movie night in. Do you have any suggestions or recommendations for us?

E.ON is now proud sponsor of Sky Cinema and Premiere Sky Cinema Family.

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