Featured Post: Don’t forget the dinner: Get your Christmas Day plans in order

What’s your Christmas Day routine? Do you get up nice and early to see if Father Christmas has deposited some presents down your chimney? Do you welcome relatives around to exchange presents? Is there a festive playlist or film that tickles your fancy? Do you never go without seeing the Queen’s Christmas message?

Whatever your day looks like, there’s one thing you simply cannot afford to forget – the dinner. This is a showpiece moment of the biggest day of the year – the time you and your family stop, gather together and tuck into turkey and all of the trimmings.

No pressure then.

How do you ensure that everything goes well? The key thing is to have a plan in the first place, one that can guide you through exactly what you need to do and when. Look no further than this one, from the team at AO.com, which can ensure that you have no Christmas catastrophes in the kitchen…

The Step-By-Step Christmas Dinner Cooking Guide
Provided by AO.com


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